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Affiliate List - August Updates


This is Max, I wanted to give you the lastest updates about the Affiliate List.

First of all, I wanted to thank you all for your interest in this project, and for your trust.

The Affiliate List got bigger!

For the very first of you who joined the Affiliate List when I acquired it back in February 2022, we had only ~400 affiliate programs.

Today, we count more than 1700 programs and we will keep adding new ones as long as they deserve to be listed.

Our #1 Focus

We chose to only focus on highly profitable programs.

Some lists will show you tens of thousands of affiliate programs, but most of them offer very low commissions, such as 1, 2 or 3%. That's peanuts ;-)

To make a decent living online thanks to affiliate marketing, we should focus more on highly profitable programs.

That's why, you will only find affiliate programs who offers at least 15% commissions in the Affiliate List.

You won't waste your time and you will just find the best affiliate programs in your niche in a few clicks.

The Best Markets for Affiliate Marketing

Most of our affiliate programs are available in the US (1600+).

We also have awesome programs available in Europe:

  • France (250+)
  • Spain (200+)
  • Germany (200+)
  • Italy (140+)

We will keep adding more, so stay tuned :)

Our Affiliate Program

 I wanted to thank our affiliates who brought new customers on board.

Therefore, I decided to upgrade the commissions for all past and future affiliates of the Affiliate List!

We offered 30% commissions. Now we go for 50% commissions.

Join the Affiliate Program

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.

Stay awesome!


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